About Us

Information Technology is said to be the backbone of most of the developing businesses. Today India is growing towards being a superpower in the world. The effect of the national growth has taken deep roots in the state of Odisha and this has led it to become a hot business destination today. Many businesses and development projects are growing here and are said to be the potential future harbingers of the State and the nation as a whole. This calls for a solitary IT support for these ventures in order to accelerate their growth. This is where our role comes into being.

We are a team of vigilant people with multi-domain expertise. Our pool of human resources consists of IT experts having several years of experience in core technologies. Our vision is to act as a strong IT wing for various important projects initiated for the development of the state and the country and thus become an important contributor in the process. This has ultimately led us to come up with a diligent IT team that can act as the catalyzing factor for the overall development of the state as a whole.

Our first ever product, Best Of Odisha is one of the most influencing applications in the IT field. It lets its users find the required destination and get its perfect location from a single app without even having to seek information from any search engine. The awesome features of our product are however too big to be shaped into words, it can be known only once used.